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The Golfing Mindset

Purposeful Practice

Managing Your Game on the Course

Breakthrough Golf

This is not your typical golf instruction program of “fix’n what’s broken”… because you are not broken! I am sure, you approach the game with the desire to do things as best you can given your understanding, your abilities, and the habits you have developed. Breakthrough Golf is about making real breakthroughs in your game, breakthroughs in skill development, and breakthroughs in your old belief systems to truly move you to the next level for lasting improvement.

“Breakthrough Golf with Sheri has been an amazing experience. She understands what works for me and how I can best improve my golf game. In the few weeks of Breakthrough Golf, I have managed to lower my handicap, get more distance from my drives, and gain more accuracy in my short game. I feel better equipped to manage my game by making good decisions and committing to my shots. My level of confidence has soared and the game of golf has once again become enjoyable for me!”
– Vickie Barrett, San Diego

What is your golfing goal?…

  • Lower scores; Take 5 -10 strokes off your score?
  • Enjoyment in your game and not be so frustrated?

We will help you Breakthrough those limiting factors and reach your goal in just 12 weeks… guaranteed… or we will teach you for free!!!

Three Pillars of Breakthrough Golf:

  1. The Golfing Mindset
  2. Purposeful Practice
  3. Managing Your Game on the course

How it works:

Breakthrough golf is built upon the framework of guiding your individual experiences. Although you will be in a team, what you experience and work on will probably be quite different than your team-mates. Learning is a process and it begins with information. The next stage of learning is the experience…and that is the most relevant stage of learning in which you make it your own… it’s your breakthrough for your results.

Assess & Plan
– Video and 3D Assessment, Fitness Assessment, Mental Golf Profile, Self Assessment, On-course Assessment, Goal Setting and Plan

Learn & Train
– On-course, Skill Concept Shifts, Training and Practice Techniques, Feedback Cues, Pre-shot Routine (state, commitment, decision model)

The Art of Playing
– On-course – Personal Par, Personal strategies, Think box/Play box, Pre & post- shot Routines (state, commitment, decision model)

Program Details:

Breakthrough Golf
  • 10 sessions in 12 weeks, 20 hours of coaching ( 5 sessions on course x 2.5 = 12.5 hours and 5 sessions at learning center x 1.5 = 7.5 hours)
  • Small team environments of 3 in a group of like minded golfers who want results too! (max. 3:1 student teacher ratio)
  • Cost: $1100 (includes golf and practice balls)

Why Breakthrough golf? Because it’s the coaching program that works!! We believe that everyone has the potential for golfing greatness. In just 12 weeks we will help you breakdown barriers and Breakthrough with your best golf, or we will coach you for free!!!