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Our Philosophy

Our passion at Sheri Hayes Golf Performance is to coach and guide golfers to play better and increase enjoyment. We believe that everyone has the potential to play great golf. The foundation of the belief is in understanding that each golfer is an individual and has unique needs and desires for their golf game. Together we will help you discover where you are now as a golfer and help you develop the skills and strategies to plan, learn, train and play to your potential.

The goal of our programs are not to “fix you” or “start from stratch”, but rather to embrace the person and golfer that you are. We are here to support and guide your golfing breakthroughs and possibilites to allow you to be the player you would like to become. Sheri Hayes Golf Performance is… your path to your best golf.

The Ensō: our logo inspiration

The Ensō is one of the most common symbols in Japanese calligraphy, although it’s meaning is far from common. The Ensō symbolizes many things including: enlightenment, strength, the spirit of harmony, personal development and refinement of character, and single mindedness (focus). When the circle is left open with a small gap, it expresses the imperfection found in all things, and also that it is not alone but a part of something greater. Each Ensō is a creation and so truly unique. To create an Ensō one must have mental clarity, to be in the moment when the mind is free to let the body create.

To us the values and process behind the Ensō so closely matches the values and process of great golf. As everyone’s swing, game and learning experience is different, so is the uniqueness in each Enso. Our focus on the values of enlightenment, strength, the spirit of harmony, personal development and refinement of character, single mindedness and the acceptance of imperfection found in all things is where we believe true greatness can spring forth.

Our Approach

Our approach to golf coaching is to put you and your golf game first! We appreciate that each golfer is an individual. Every golfer has unique gifts, needs and desires for their golf game. They come to us with their specific physicality, perceptive on golf and their game, as well as their present experience and skill sets. In collaboration with our team, we will take a comprehensive look at you and your game, and develop a plan and strategy to meet your goals for your golf game. While there isn’t a perfect swing and golf game that fits everyone, there is a swing and golf game that fits you perfectly!

Here is How the Collaboration Works:

Assess & Plan

Where are you now as a golfer and where do you want to be? We will assess your game, and create a custom plan based on your desires, time and commitment.

Assessment includes: knowledge base, skill set, movement patterns, how you learn best, personality style, physical ability, equipment, mental golfing strengths, etc.

Plan includes: Establish golfing goals that are realistic and achievable and creating a program for you relative to your commitment, desire, physical and mechanical potential.

Learn & Train

A guided approach to learn, train and measure the progress of your golf skills and behaviors. Your blueprint for improvement.

Learning concepts includes: concept shifts, understanding new ideas and the benefits, value of one’s productive state of mind, balance, tempo, tension, energy flow, understanding impact variables for different shots and the resulting ball flights, the body/ swing connection, the mechanics of a repeating motion with predictable results.

Training skills and habits: motor pattern development, practice techniques and strategies for mechanics, mental and emotional aspects of the game, transition to play, and loging and quantifying your progress and milestones.

The Art of Playing

We believe that everyone has the potential to play great golf. It takes knowledge and discipline to manage yourself, and your game on the course. Together we will discover the things that work best for you and your game. As performance coaches we value practice and play upon the field of play, the course.

The skills and habits for on course play include: the VISION54 8 essential playing skills, knowing your productive and non-productive self in play and your tools to stay on track, dealing with people and things out side your control, the art of focus and concentration, game strategy, and course and self management.

Our goal is to include all these 3 elements in each of our Breakthrough programs as well as our One-on-One Coaching Series.