Workshops & Schools

Short Game 1

2 hours – $100 (6:1 student teacher ratio)

The short game contributes to more than half the game…and to your score! This workshop will help you develop skills for controlling your short game shots with precision and accuracy.

  • Come learn or refresh yourself on the fundamentals of putting, chipping, and pitching mechanics.
  • Learn the major short game shots
  • Learn the tools to understand what shot to hit when

Short Game 2

2 hours – $100 (6:1 student teacher ratio)

The short game represents more then 60% of the game and improving it is the quickest way to lower scoring. We have taken a detailed approach to developing your short game to a more advanced level, even if the rest of your game isn’t.

This workshop includes:

  • Putting- advanced green reading, putting drills for distance and direction control, developing skills the pros use for imagery, severe greens, and more.
  • Around the green- learn and develop your skills to hit a variety of shots in different situations around the green and how to select the best type of shot for the situation.
  • Sand- Beyond the standard bunker shot, learn to get out successfully from a variety of lies and situations

Wedge Works

2 hours – $100 (6:1 student teacher ratio)

If you want to score well (and lessen your frustration around the green), you need to develop a good wedge game. Most golfers don’t realize how quickly and easily wedges can become your favorite clubs in the bag.

This two-hour workshop will cover:

  • What are the right wedges for your game?
  • Learning and practicing a variety of wedge shots and knowing when to use them
  • Understanding Bounce & Loft and other wedge technology
  • Testing a variety of new wedges from the CGC Custom Fitting Trailer

Maximizing Your Distance

2 hours – $100 (6:1 student teacher ratio)

Do you wish you could hit it further… well with the help of this workshop you can!

  • Introduction of the elements that maximize distance
  • Learn the elements that enable you to hit it more solidly on the clubface
  • What can you do with your stretching routine to gain distance
  • Understand and apply the proper sequencing in the swing to transfer maximum energy into the ball.

The Truth About Putting

2 hours – $100 (6:1 student teacher ratio)

Learn how putting could be the strength in your game. No matter what your handicap, you can putt as well as a pro.

  • Develop a sound repeatable stroke
  • Learn how to control your distance w/ precision
  • Know how to take “dead aim”
  • Match a putter and stroke to “your style”
  • Become masterful at reading a break, and more

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