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One-on-One Coaching:

One hour $150

Coaching Package (five sessions) $600
Sessions available in our practice area or on-course.

NEW Premier Coaching Package (twelve sessions) $1200
Designed for the avid golfer integrating 12 one on one sessions. Take two sessions a week, or one or two a month… How fast do you want to get better? Sessions available in our practice area or on-course.

Annual Coaching Program (25 hours) $2200
Make a real commitment to your game and reap the rewards of a steady plan of training. The program is designed over a 12 month period for comprehensive improvement in all aspects of your game. Sessions available in our practice area or on-course.

9 hole On-course Coaching
Coaching, and training on the course is invaluable. This session may include but not limited to: your personal course strategy and tactics, mental and emotional skills and strategies, club selection and specialty shots.

One player $240, two players $150, three players $120 each

“I have worked with Sheri Hayes for about eight years now, her coaching has helped me progress from an average collegiate player to a potential LPGA and LET player. Sheri’s ability to adjust and adapt as my game progresses is the key to my improvement, there is no just one way of teaching, sheri finds analogies and ideas that i as an individual can relate to which is very unique is my past experiences with coaches. Sheri is more than just a coach to me, she is my friend, my sports psychologist and my mentor, someone that wants me to succeed as much as i do. I consider us a team, her insight is as important to me as my own and i will continue to work with her throughout my career.”
– Jo Clingan, Women’s European Tour Professional

Golf Fitness Screening:

TPI Golf Fitness (Learn more)

Sheri is a Titleist Performance Institute, Level 3 Certified Golf Fitness Instructor

TPI Physical Screening, computer swing analysis, and 6 week personalized golf fitness workout program using (allow 1 hour) – $210