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Golf Fitness

Want a better Game? The answer is not just in your golf swing, but how you mentally approach your game, your practice, and the physical abilities of your body for golf. In affiliation with the Titleist Performance Institute, Vision54, and Mental Golf Workshop, we can now examine and improve the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of your game so you can perform to your best!

Sheri Hayes, in association with the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI), is offering a golf fitness program designed specifically for each individual. The Titliest Performance Institute has been researching and developing golf fitness programs for years and today is now recognized in the industry as leaders in the area of golf-specific health and fitness. Through their MYTPI website they can offer proven programs that are used by the Pros and that are now available to everyone. Couple that with Sheri’s Level 3 TPI Golf Fitness Professional Certification, we have the tools to enable you to unlock your physical potential in golf.

Here are the steps:

1. We perform a physical screening to identify any stability, mobility, or strength issues that can affect your golf game.

2. A video analysis is done of your swing to observe your swing tendencies, which can then be related back to some of those physical issues.

3. A customize fitness program is developed to improve your physical ability for golf, so you can better meet your golfing goals. The 18 session fitness program over 6 weeks will show you marked improvement in your ability to swing with ease and efficiency.

TPI 1 TPI Physical Screening, computer swing analysis and 6 week personalized golf fitness workout program using
(allow 1 hour) – $175 2016 rate $210



Take your game to the next level Get the total picture of your body-swing connection

  • swing with “your” greatest efficiency
  • create a more consistent swing
  • develop a more powerful swing
  • improve your overall health
  • decrease risk of injury
  • find the clubs that were meant for you

The Total Picture includes:
2-d Video Analysis
K-vest 3-d Analysis
Golf stability, mobility, and strength screening
Functional Movement Assessment
Choice of clubfitting
Web based personalize performance program
3.5 Hours : Fee $400